General information

The AMC Portal Web is a tool for publishing information on the airspace structure status to the end- users, and a tool which enables reservation of airspace structures for its registered users.

ASM stands for Airspace Management. Airspace Management is a planning function whose primary goal is to maximize the use of the available airspace through dynamic distribution of the time of usage and, occasionally, through distribution of airspace among different categories of airspace users on the basis of short-term needs.
Airspace Management in FIR Sarajevo is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the consent of the Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ASM is implemented on three levels:
Strategic level - ASM level 1
Pre-Tactical level - ASM level 2
Tactical level – ASM level 3.

ASM level 1 relates to Strategic airspace management. Proposals with the purpose of airspace planning and organising are drawn up by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Airspace Management Committee.

ASM level 2 relates to airspace management at the Pre-Tactical level, i.e. planning of available airspace distribution through dynamic distribution of the time of usage. Airspace Management at level 2 is under the jurisdiction of the Airspace Management Cell (AMC).

ASM level 3 relates to real-time airspace management, i.e. activation, deactivation and reallocation of the airspace, as determined by AMC.

FUA stands for Flexible Use of Airspace. FUA is a concept of airspace management according to which the airspace should not be purely designated either as civil or military, but should be considered as the continuum in which all the user requirements would be fulfilled, and prohibitions and limits should be, as far as possible, temporary and abolished, as soon as there is no longer a reason for their application.

Where there are different aviation activities in the same airspace, whereby different requirements should be fulfilled, it is necessary to aspire to safe air traffic management and optimal airspace usage.

Information on ASM and FUA is published in:
• Bosnia and Herzegovina Aviation Law (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina Number 39/09);
• Rulebook laying down rules for the flexible use of airspace (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina Number 79/10);
• Rulebook on the establishment and organisation of Airspace Management Cell (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina Number 9/17);
• Aeronautical Information Publication of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AIP), chapter ENR 1.9 AIR TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT AND AIRSPACE MANAGEMENT.

AMC stands for Airspace Management Cell. AMC functions in accordance with the priority of allocation of airspace, agreed rules and protocols, with the aim of improving civil-military cooperation and international coordination and effective airspace management in accordance with the FUA concept.

A CIV AA is/are (an) authorised unit/units which cooperate(s) and negotiate(s) with AMC relating questions of airspace allocation and use. CIV AA, on behalf of civil users, is authorised to negotiate and cooperate with AMC relating questions of airspace allocation and use.
MIL AA (Military Approved Agency), on behalf of military users, is authorised to cooperate and negotiate with AMC relating questions of airspace allocation and use.

It is Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency – Department of Planning and Organisation of Airspace, Ortiješ, 88 000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; e-mail:

It is a unit within the Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(N)AUP – (National) Airspace Use Plan – AUP is an ASM message of the NOTAM status, which provides information, in standard format, on the AMC's daily decision about temporary allocation of airspace under its jurisdiction for a certain period of time.
(N)UUP – (National) Updated Airspace Use Plan – UUP is an ASM message of the NOTAM status issued by AMC to update AUP information.

NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) is a message sent by telecommunication, which contains information on the establishment, status or change of any aircraft device, service, procedure or a hazard, the timely publishing of which is essential to the flight operations personnel.

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time. Local time in Bosnia and Herzegovina is UTC + 1 hour during the "winter period" and UTC + 2 hours during the "summer period".

ASM level 2 is conducted in accordance with CDM coordination process and in a way in which the use of airspace structures is allocated in accordance with the following priority list:
1. Military aircraft flights for the purpose of sovereignty protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
2. Search and rescue flights, and humanitarian flights;
3. Flights transporting sick or injured persons requiring emergency medical assistance, and flights providing emergency medical assistance to sick or injured persons, as well as flights transporting transplants, blood and medication, including flights being conducted to board patients, blood, transplants and medication at the destination place;
4. Observation flights according to the international agreement binding Bosnia and Herzegovina (Open Sky Treaty);
5. International military exercises and international exercises of other administrative bodies;
6. National military exercises and national exercises of other administrative bodies;
7. Flights transporting heads of states, prime ministers and other state officials with diplomatic immunity;
8. Military test flights;
9. International air shows;
10. International championships in aviation activities;
11. National championships in aviation activities;
12. Military and police training;
13. Activities relating to aerial works (aerial spraying, vaccination, crop and infrastructure monitoring, aerial photography)
14. Sports and recreational activities;
15. Civil training flights;
16. Launching objects into the atmosphere (e.g. unmanned balloons, children's balloons, sky lanterns, fireworks, lighting effects...)
17. Experimental activities for educational purposes

Airspace structures which represent restrictions or ban can be:
• Danger Area (D)
• Conditional Routes (CDR)
• Temporary Segregated Airspace (TSA)
• Temporary Reserved Area (TRA),
• Cross-border Area (CBA)
• Restricted Area (R)
• Prohibited Area (P)

Airspace structures are divided into:
a) AMC manageable and AMC unmanageable
b) Permanent and ad hoc structures

Permanent structures are all those published in Aeronautical Information Publication of Bosnia and Herzegovina, hereinafter AIP.
Ad hoc airspace structures are established at ASM levels 2 and 3, for a short period of time, while respecting general design and security criteria, when there are actual security or operational requirements.

A proposal for changing airspace organisation and structures can be initiated by any airspace user. The airspace user submits his/her request to BHANSA in a prescribed form with an explanation. After the assessment of the request, BHANSA consults with the airspace user and other relevant bodies, and delivers its opinion and the whole documentation on the subject to Bosnia and Herzegovina Airspace Management Committee.

Requests for establishing ad hoc airspace structures shall be submitted, in a prescribed form – ASM. FORM. 003, to AA, at least 20 days prior to the planned activity, by an airspace user.

AA or / and airspace users submit a request for making a reservation of airspace structures to AMC, at the latest 7 days prior to the usage of the airspace structures, in a prescribed form – NOTAM.FORM.001.

An airspace user or AA shall announce the beginning and end of the activities in a reserved airspace structure to AMC or an ATS unit to which AMC directs them to.

AMC may, in the case of emergency or unpredictable circumstances, suspend all active airspace structures, whereby airspace structures users, previously approved to use airspace structures, shall suspend / stop all activities in those airspace structures.