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Legal Notice

The Approval of Airspace Management Cell (AMC) shall only be valid with the BHDCA approval if the BHDCA approval is required for the activity concerned in accordance with the Rulebook on flight approval ("Official Gazette of BiH", No. 53/18) and the Ordinance on air show (" Official Gazette of BiH ", No. 14/16).

Also, if applicable, the user is also required to provide other approvals and authorisations as defined in BH regulations.

When performing the activity, the user is required to comply with the Order on the Rules of the Air ("Official Gazette of BiH", No. 53/18) and other BH regulations related to

All activities must be performed solely within the approved airspace.

On a daily basis, the head of activities named in the request is obliged to obtain by telephone a tactical approval for the start of activities from the competent air traffic control and also inform them about the end of using the defined airspace.

The head of activities shall be available on their mobile phone as specified in this request for the reservation of an airspace for whole duration of the activity. 

The head of activities shall be obliged to report to the competent air traffic control in case of complete discontinuance of the activity.

Upon the request of the competent air traffic control or the airspace management cell, the head of activities shall terminate all activities in the approved airspace as soon as possible and confirm by telephone that all activities have been terminated.

Aircraft pilots involved in activities within the approved airspace shall avoid active prohibited, restricted and danger areas. In case of activation of such and similar areas, the competent air traffic control can deny its approval for the beginning or continuation of activities in the approved airspace.

The competent air traffic control performs the separation of the flights subject to separation (according to the classification of airspace) from the determined areas.

Balloons / lanterns must not be tighed together or tighed in any other way. Balloons must not contain hard parts. Surface wind at the location of the releasing of lanterns can be of the highest strength of a breeze (1-3 knots). At the location of the releasing of lanterns there must be no clouds below 2000 m above the ground. After the expiration of the period of validity of the tactical approval of the competent airspace control within the controlled airspace, no part of the lantern shall be present (in flight or fall). If the traffic situation is such that it is not possible to maintain the safety, regularity and efficiency of air traffic while simultaneously releasing the balloons / lanterns, the relevant air traffic control will not issue a tactical approval for releasing of balloons / lanterns.

If the user does not comply with these requirements, their use of controlled airspace shall be limited to the lowest extent possible or completely prohibited due to the safety, regularity and efficiency of air traffic.